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Uko is a web platform that provides tools for team collaboration and application of design thinking methodologies across your entire organization.

Speed up data analysis

After the usage exploration phase facilitated by our mobile application, Uko allows you to analyze the collected data. It's text analysis capabilities allow you to extract insights from field observations, or other valuable elements for your projects, and then structure them.

Un entretien utilisateur est analysé
Un chat de conversation, une fonctionnalité de commentaires et des notifications permettent de collaborer en équipe sur Uko
Collaborate as a team

Uko works in real time. Its collaboration capabilities allow you and your teams to work effectively remotely and in the studio, including content sharing, chat, commenting and activity history.

The design thinking toolbox

UKO gives your entire company access to design thinking tools, methodologies and best practices from anywhere. You can collaboratively build canvas, personas, user trails and more.

Un exemple de persona construit sur la plateforme Uko
La boîte à outils propose des modèles de canvas à utiliser sur les projets
Go quickly and seamlessly

Uko offers a model creation and management system, to accelerate the distribution of methodologies and tools adapted to the needs and processes of your company. Build your models online with your organization's practices, or access those offered by the Uko team. And deploy best practices on a large scale.

Capitalize on projects

Gradually feed the knowledge of your company while working on your projects. Shared capitalization starts right from the start of your first project on Uko.

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Des modèles de projet permettent de partager des process de travail dans l'entreprise