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Transformez vos collaborateurs en explorateurs des usages 
et engagez-les dans vos projets d’innovation, avec l’application mobile Uko.

Explore the reality of your customers and collaborators

To involve your employees, publish challenges and collect qualitative data from the field through photos, videos and verbatims. The Uko mobile application that allows you to involve employees in your innovation projects.

Un écran de bienvenue Uko devant la plateforme permettant de créer des challenges
Deux jeunes collaborateurs prennent des photos en extérieur, un écran de l'application Uko décrit leur mission
Involve your employees

Open the exploration to the entire company! Build challenges and engage your employees while brightening up their own experience. Animate your community of ambassadors of user-centricity and keep the process active. Help them progress through our programs and accelerate information gathering for your innovation projects.

Collect observations

Use your smartphone and our mobile application Uko Xplore to capture observations. With the help of photos, videos and audio recordings, anyone can now transcribe the reality they observe in the field and share it with the company.

Deux personnes manipulent un smarphone, un écran présente la photo et le commentaire qu'ils ont pris ensemble
Une interface de l'observatoire des usages présente les données collectées
Capitalize on the collected data

All data collected from the mobile application is found in the Usage Observatory. Its vocation is to allow everyone to immerse themselves in the daily lives of others. This is to better understand how services are delivered and how others experience them. The Usage Observatory provides access to other points of view.

Put your data in action

You can moderate your data in the Usage Observatory. Then, from these, start designing new service ideas, using our analytics tools and our service design toolbox.

Discover the platform
Une interface présentant l'annotation d'images permet d'analyser les données collectées